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Posts tagged "Wrongful Death"

Alleged drunk driver will remain jailed for killing motorcyclist

A self-professed, drunk 50-year-old Princeton resident is alleged to have struck and killed a motorcyclists and severely injured a motorist on Sunday, July 23. He will remain jailed until his next court date on Sept. 11 after surveillance video was turned over to prosecutors showing the man purchasing a bottle of vodka just one hour prior to his fatal collision, a bottle which police found partially consumed in his car.

Driver trying to hurry kills running man and his dog

All people who drive motor vehicles, regardless of the driver's age, must be certain to obey all traffic laws and ensure that they are driving in a manner that keeps those around them safe. When a driver shirks on those duties, people can be killed or injured. A very sad case out of Robbinsville Township shows how devastating it can be when a driver strikes a pedestrian.

Lawsuit claims grandmother was scared to death

You've probably heard people say that they were "scared to death" and known that they were simply exaggerating their level of fright. However, a lawsuit recently filed in New Jersey claims that a cab driver literally did scare one grandmother to death. She was 68 years old at the time of her passing.

Fatal crane accident contractors had prior safety violations

The horrific crane accident that claimed the lives of two New Jersey workers was tragic to say the least. Now, that tragedy may be multiplied if it turns out that negligence was a factor. Taking a look at the history of four companies involved with the project, it turns out that negligence could indeed be a factor.

Areas of concern and relief within NJ traffic safety trends

In a recent post about fatal motor vehicle accidents, we shared that there is good and bad news regarding accident trends in New Jersey. The prior blog post focused mainly on the fact that there was an increase in the number of people who died in bicycle accidents last year. 

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