Receiverships and Bankruptcy

When corporations or other entities are insolvent, creditors may file collection actions in state court. A party is appointed as a receiver to control and distribute the assets in accordance with the court's orders.

The attorneys at Markowitz Law Firm, LLC, have been appointed as receivers for asset liquidation in such matters. In addition, the firm has been appointed as attorneys for receivers. We provide skillful representation as well as extensive experience in bankruptcy, creditors' rights and business law.

What is a Receiver?

In New Jersey, receivers are appointed in state or district court cases. There are general (or liquidating) receivers and special receivers. The general receiver controls all the assets and operates the business with the intent to either sell the assets as a going concern or liquidate the assets. Regardless, the receiver disburses the proceeds to the creditors according to the priority of their interests.

A special or limited receiver has no authority over assets and components of the debtor's business that are not subject to the receivership.

The firm can represent individual secured and unsecured creditors or businesses.

New Jersey Asset Liquidation Lawyers

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