Are You Being Investigated for a White Collar Crime? Get Legal Help Now.

Our jails are filled with many innocent people — don't be one of them. In most cases, you will know if you are under investigation of committing a white collar crime — especially if it is a federal investigation. Whether you are guilty or innocent of the crime being investigated, you should have experienced legal representation.

At Markowitz Law Firm, LLC, in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, we have extensive experience handling state and federal accusations of criminal conduct. Our attorneys provide clients with experienced criminal defense to charges of theft by deception and other white collar crimes.

Our Entire Team is Committed to Your Defense

Our team approach provides you with the combined experience of all our attorneys, as well as the experience of our extensive network of experts and specialists. We utilize the latest technology to stay on top of the ever-changing laws and their interpretations by the courts. We believe in protecting our clients' constitutional rights.

Our white collar crime defense lawyers handle a wide range of white collar crime charges, including the following:

  • Embezzlement
  • Computer fraud
  • Bank fraud (banking fraud)
  • Internet fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Securities fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Corporate fraud
  • Check fraud

Do Not Wait Until Formal Charges Have Been Filed

Don't wait until formal charges are filed to get legal help. There are many steps we can take while you are under investigation to shield you from criminal liability. Contact us today at 609-482-3138 or 866-437-1189.