Navigating Probate and Estate Administration

When a death occurs, assisting a personal representative requires knowledge, as well as compassion and an understanding of the goals of the family. At Markowitz Law Firm, LLC, we pride ourselves in being accessible and available to the personal representative who often may feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the responsibilities.

Through experience in estate planning and trust matters, our probate attorneys have proven to be able counselors in assisting the family members with carrying out the planning of the decedent.

How We Can Help

Estate and Probate Administration requires achieving the goals of the decedent and satisfying the requirements of state and federal government as well as the probate court. Because of our firm's experience and knowledge of the sometimes complex process, our estate administration lawyers can efficiently and competently handle the burden of the filing deadlines and schedules and the effective administration of the decedent's estate throughout the probate process.

Get Help With Probate Administration

If you've been named personal representative, or executor, of a loved one's estate, you have many legal duties. We can help walk you through the process, making sure you fulfill all your responsibilities. For more information, contact our firm. Call us at 609-482-3138 or 866-437-1189 to schedule a consultation. Our office is located in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.