A Strong Defense Against Disorderly Persons Charges

If you have been accused of improper behavior or using abusive language in public, who will stand up for your rights? Law enforcement officials want a conviction, but they may not know the whole story. Did someone else cause you to act in the manner you did? Were your actions misinterpreted?

At Markowitz Law Firm, LLC, in Lawrenceville, we provide experienced and aggressive defense representation to people who have been accused of disorderly conduct in New Jersey. Our knowledgeable attorneys are prepared to stand up for your rights.

You have to know your rights before you can protect them. To learn more about disorderly conduct and the consequences of a conviction, contact our firm.

If You are Convicted of Disorderly Conduct You Could Go to Jail

If you are convicted of disorderly conduct, it will go on your permanent criminal record and you may have to serve as much as six months in jail.

In New Jersey, disorderly conduct is broken down into two general categories:

  • Improper behavior: Fighting, threatening violence, causing a risk to other people through careless and pointless actions.
  • Offensive language: Using offensive language in a public place for the purpose of offending another person.

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling disorderly persons cases in municipal courts throughout New Jersey. We understand the consequences you are facing and are dedicated to helping you avoid the consequences of a criminal conviction.

We Will Stand Up for Your Rights

Don't let the fact that disorderly conduct charges are handled in Municipal Court fool you. They are still criminal charges with criminal consequences. If you've been charged with disorderly conduct, you need skilled defense lawyers on your side. Contact our firm today for help. Call 609-482-3138 or 866-437-1189.