Expunging Your Criminal Record

A criminal record can haunt you for years, making it difficult to find and keep a job, get an apartment and succeed in other areas of your life. An expungement is a legal process that clears a mark from your criminal record and, for all practical purposes, makes it like the conviction never happened.

At Markowitz Law Firm, LLC, in Lawrenceville, we help people throughout New Jersey with record expungements and other criminal defense matters. Our attorneys are dedicated to successfully getting your record expunged, so you can enjoy the advantages of a clean criminal record.

What Does it Mean to Have Your Record Sealed?

When you are granted an expungement in Municipal Court, your criminal record is sealed. This is important for a number of reasons:

  • You can truthfully respond "no" when asked if you have a criminal record (provided you have no other convictions on record)
  • The conviction will not turn up in background checks
  • The conviction will not adversely affect you in terms of your job, education, or getting an apartment or professional license

Expungements are helpful to people who have been convicted of a crime in the past or are currently about to plead guilty or no-contest to a criminal offense. Our attorneys can answer any questions you have about expungements and guide you through the necessary legal steps.

Get a Clean Slate

One mistake doesn't have to shadow your life. At Markowitz Law Firm, LLC, we can help seal your criminal record, erasing any past criminal convictions. For more information, call our lawyers at 609-482-3138 or 866-437-1189 or contact us online.