Traffic/Municipal Court Q&A

How many insurance points is my speeding ticket?

1-14 mph over the limit = 2 points
15-29 mph over the limit = 4 points
30 or more mph over the limit = 5 points

Is there any way to avoid receiving insurance points for my speeding ticket?

In some cases, we may be able to get the prosecutor to downgrade your ticket to a violation that does not charge points to your insurance. Instead, you would plead guilty to a lesser offense and there would be no insurance points and only fines and court costs (unless it is your third or subsequent time being found guilty or pleading guilty to that no point lesser offense violation, and then it would result in higher fines and insurance points).

Is there any way for me to beat a Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charge?

Only in certain instances when the State cannot prove its case against you by failing to prove all the elements of the offense. We would meet with you to evaluate the evidence against you to see if we could get the charge dismissed.

What are the potential penalties for Driving While Suspended?

The violation of Driving While Suspended is set forth at NJSA 39:3-40. The statute also prohibits the operation of a motor vehicle whose registration has been revoked. Conviction under this statute brings the following penalties. Upon conviction of the first offense of fine of $500.00. The defendant will also be surcharged a mandatory $250.00 per year for 3 years in every DWS by the DMV. Upon conviction for the second offense a fine of $750.00 and imprisonment in the county jail for not more than 5 days. Upon conviction for the third offense a fine of $1,000.00 and imprisonment in the county jail for 10 days. Additionally, the statute states, upon the conviction the court shall impose or extend a period of suspension not to exceed 6 months. Also, upon conviction the court shall impose a period of imprisonment for not less than 45 days, if while operating a vehicle in violation of this section a person is involved in an accident resulting in personal injury to another person.

If I am a truck driver and received a ticket or have been charged with a criminal complaint, is there a way to deal with it without having to come back into New Jersey?

Yes, we do our best, when we can, to dispose of your matter without you having to come back into New Jersey and appear in court. This can be done in some instances by having you plead guilty to a lesser charge through the signing of an Affidavit. It is always better to appear in court to dispose of the charge, but when you cannot make it, we do our best to accommodate you by attempting to work your case out through an Affidavit.