Residential Real Estate Transactions

For most people, their home represents the single biggest investment of their lives. In order to protect this investment, it can be very helpful to have a knowledgeable real estate lawyer working for you. The Lawrenceville law firm of Markowitz Law Firm, LLC, represents buyers, sellers and lenders in a full range of residential real estate transactions.

Making Your Property Closing as Smooth as Possible

We will handle every aspect of your transaction.

  • We will be present at the closing of any piece of residential real estate and attend to all matters.
  • An important part of our work in this field involves reviewing, and when necessary, revising the terms of the real estate contract.

In New Jersey, the parties to a real estate sale have three business days to revise and review the terms of the contract. This process is known as "attorney review." We will advise you of any issues involved in the contract and revise the document as necessary to meet your needs.

Our law firm can advise you on other issues, such as the home inspection. If issues come up in an inspection, we can offer workable solutions. If you are the purchaser of a home, condo or co-op, we can order a title search and review for any potential defects in title. In every case, our goal is to offer efficient, skilled representation that allows you to consummate this important purchase.

Get Help With Residential Real Estate Transactions

For more information about our residential real estate services, contact our firm. Call 609-482-3138 or 866-437-1189 to schedule a consultation with an experienced residential real estate attorney.