Stopping Debt and Bill Collector Harassment

Many businesses, individuals and couples who are struggling with debt wait until they are being harassed by creditors to seek help. If you have been unable to make payments, your creditors may turn your account over to their lawyers or a collection agency. Now, you may be facing wage garnishment, foreclosure and harassing phone calls.

Consumers and businesses can stop creditor harassment by filing for bankruptcy. The bankruptcy lawyers at Markowitz Law Firm, LLC, can explain how bankruptcy may work for you or your business. If bankruptcy is not right for you, we may be able to offer alternatives such as negotiating with your creditors.

When You File for Bankruptcy Creditors Have to Stop All Contact

All chapters of bankruptcy provide the benefits of the automatic stay. Once you have filed, the automatic stay suspends all collection activities during the bankruptcy process. This includes harassment such as:

  • Phone calls and letters
  • Visits to your home or workplace
  • Contacting your family or loan co-signers
  • Wage garnishment

In addition, the automatic stay prohibits lenders from repossessing vehicles, seizing other collateral and foreclosing on liens.

If lenders violate the automatic stay or the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, we may be able to take action against them. Our attorneys understand how creditors operate and know how to protect you if they are unlawfully pursuing payment from you.

The Sooner You File, the Sooner We Stop the Harassment

If you file for bankruptcy earlier in the process, you can stop creditor harassment before it starts. Call us at 609-482-3138 or 866-437-1189 or contact us online to get started. Located in Lawrenceville, we help individuals and businesses throughout new Jersey eliminate their debts and stop creditor harassment through bankruptcy.