Bankruptcy Can Delay or Stop Foreclosure

When you are worried that you may lose your home, you may feel as though no one is on your side. How can you fight the bank or mortgage company on your own? With help from our attorneys, however, you can stop the problem before it gets worse.

The experienced bankruptcy attorneys at Markowitz Law Firm, LLC, can help you avoid foreclosure. We will analyze your finances and discuss bankruptcy, loan modification, refinancing and other options to save your home. Because we have helped hundreds of clients who are struggling with debt, we have the experience to help you choose bankruptcy or alternative means of debt relief.

Saving Your Home from Foreclosure

Lien holders and lenders have the right to repossess your home if you are not making mortgage payments. They may begin the foreclosure proceedings after you miss just one or two payments.

Filing for bankruptcy stops foreclosure, at least temporarily, by giving you an automatic stay from all collection actions against you. The automatic stay will delay foreclosure, giving you an opportunity to restructure your mortgage payments or make other arrangements.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy usually allows people to keep their homes by reorganizing their debt into lower payments for three to five years. It is possible to keep your home under Chapter 7 if you reaffirm your mortgage with the lender and have sufficient income to keep making payments.

Often, we discover ways for clients to work out their debts without filing bankruptcy. Our lawyers proactively negotiate with the property's bank for loan modification options to avoid foreclosure.

You Do Have Options. Learn More by Calling Our Firm.

If you were the victim of predatory lending practices, the mortgage crisis or if other life events caused you to fall behind in mortgage payments, your home may be at risk of foreclosure. There are options that will allow you to reduce your debt, reorganize your finances and keep your home. For more information, call our firm at 609-482-3138 or 866-437-1189 or contact us online. Located in Lawrenceville, we serve clients throughout New Jersey.