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Chapter 7 bankruptcies: Check your credit after 7 years

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a great way for people to liquidate assets and get out of debt. It helps you end collection calls and get back in control of your finances.

There are pros and cons to bankruptcy, but regardless, there is a major question looming: What happens after all is said and done?

Debt relief: There are ways to get out of debt

If you have a towering amount of debt, you know the relief you would feel if it could just go away. You make payments on time, but the interest keeps adding up. You worry there is nothing you can do to get back on track.

The good news is that you're wrong. There are lots of ways to get out of debt and to get back into control of your financial life. Here are three possibilities.

Landmark bar to take steps to reduce drunk driving risk

A fatal traffic accident took place in Ewing, New Jersey, and it has prompted changes at a local pub. At the Landmark American Tap & Grill, the hours of service have changed in response to a fatal accident that happened on Dec. 2, 2018. That night, a drunken person left the pub, got behind the wheel of a vehicle and hit another vehicle within moments of leaving the venue.

The original story told of a 20-year-old student who was taking five of his friends home when a vehicle coming the other direction suddenly crossed the yellow line and hit the vehicle head-on. The 20-year-old man did not survive the crash.

Why do people get falsely accused of stealing?

False accusations of theft can be extremely damaging to your reputation and your ego. Imagine being in a store, carrying items you want to buy and going to the checkout. You set everything down and pay, yet the cashier is convinced that you've stolen something.

The cashier and manager go through your purse and find that you haven't taken anything, but in the meantime, you've had to deal with security, lost face in public and were humiliated. This kind of unsubstantiated accusation can't be allowed to happen.

E. coli outbreak leads to bankruptcy for 2 businesses

If you love to eat, then you know that with food there is always a risk of getting sick. In 2016, there was an outbreak of E. coli, a dangerous bacterium that can lead to hospitalization and death. Of the people infected throughout the United States, including one person in New Jersey, 12 ended up in the hospital. Nine developed hemolytic uremic syndrome, which is a type of kidney failure linked to E. coli infection.

What made this outbreak interesting was that the majority of people who fell ill were below the age of 18. The culprit, SoyNut Butter manufactured by Dixie Dew, was linked to the outbreak.

Consider your many options for consolidating debt

There may come a point when you realize that you have more than one type of debt. While this doesn't mean you're in a bad financial spot, you should pay close attention to what you can do to eliminate some or all of your debt in the near future.

If you decide that consolidating debt makes sense, you'll want to learn more about the many ways of doing so. This knowledge will go a long way in helping you take the right steps toward a better financial future.

Get to know the snowball method for debt reduction

Debt relief is something you might think is only a pipe dream, but the reality is that anyone can get out of debt. Even if you're hundreds of thousands of dollars beyond your ability to pay, there are solutions for you.

One of the best processes for paying back debt without bankruptcy is called the snowball method. Through this method, you pay off one debt and then add the payment for that debt onto the payment for a second debt. Over time, you learn to live well below your means, and you also pay more on the debts you've accrued.

Data shows decreasing number of white collar crimes

White collar crimes take place across the United States. What is most interesting is when the reports about the number of crimes that have taken place in the last year are released. For example, did you know that Connecticut is the state with the lowest number of arrests for white collar crimes in the last year?

In New Jersey, there was also a reduced number of arrests for fraud and embezzlement crimes. The data, which spans from 2016 to 2017, looks into crimes such as financial fraud, public corruption, foreign bribery, mortgage and tax fraud along with others.

How can you handle student loan debt?

College students face difficult decisions regarding paying for school and the books they need to succeed. Loans might be necessary to pay for room, board and tuition. Sometimes, loans are private. Others are federal.

Student loan debt is one of the hardest kinds of debts to eliminate. However, there are some ways to relieve people of those debts. For instance, federal programs often eliminate the remaining debt after 10 years of on-time payments are made, but this isn't true for everyone.

Preparing your vehicle for a New Jersey winter

The winters in New Jersey can be downright brutal. There's snow, sleet, ice, rain, wind, flooding and plenty of other problems. Don't let winter sneak up on you or your family members, especially if you do a lot of driving to and from work or school. Make sure you prepare your vehicle for a New Jersey winter by following the tips outlined in today's post.

The first thing you need to do with your vehicle is to check the antifreeze and coolant levels in it. The antifreeze is used to prevent the engine from freezing when the temperatures dip in New Jersey. Check these levels before the winter arrives and add any coolant that is needed.

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