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2 brothers in Hoboken face drug charges

Two Hoboken brothers are facing drug charges after being arrested recently outside of a public housing complex.

A news report states that the brothers, 25 and 26, engaged in a physical struggle with police officers during the arrests.

Charges against the two now include possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and intent to distribute close to a school. 

The younger brother also faces charges for resisting arrest and aggravated assault. Additionally, he is facing a charge of bail jumping. 

The older brother is facing a heroin possession charge in relation to the charges listed above.

The arrests occurred near Hoboken’s Jackson and Third streets. The brothers were apparently hanging out near public housing when said officers drove by and noted the younger brother; they were aware of his outstanding warrant for arrest. They say that it was while trying to apprehend this young man that they discovered the presence of drugs in the possession of both brothers.

A fight broke out as police officers tried to arrest the younger brother, ultimately tackling him to the ground. The police apparently incurred some scrapes and bruises in the incident and backup units were called to the scene to assist with the arrests. 

When drug charges are linked to things like resisting an arrest or assault, the potential consequences for a conviction can become much more severe. New Jersey residents do, however, have rights when they are under police investigation and during arrests. It is imperative that police resist becoming overzealous and that they respect the rights of members of the public.

Those who face drug charges may benefit from legal counsel.

Source:, “Hoboken cops hurt during struggle with one of two brothers during drug bust,” Charles Hack, Aug. 15, 2013

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