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October 2013 Archives

New Jersey men each accused of drug charge after traffic stop

Facing a drug charge can often feel overwhelming for New Jersey residents who find themselves accused of this type of wrongdoing. Thankfully for those individuals facing a drug charge, however, there are several options available. A recent arrest has left two men facing multiple charges and likely considering their various legal options.

Divorce is linked to financial infidelity

Most residents of New Jersey know that money is one of the leading reasons for a couple wanting a divorce. Not having enough money to pay the bills or have extra money for fun can cause tension in a family. Financial burdens behind wanting a divorce play a bigger part in deciding to split than someone thinks. A recent study claims that secret credit card spending played a huge factor in their divorce or separation. A recent study that polled 1,000 men and women suggests just how much damage spending and lying causes.

How to adjust your parenting style after divorce

Many New Jersey parents are aware of the challenges that come with parenting during and after a divorce. Not only do you have to explain your breakup to your children, but you have to start communicating with your ex in a whole new way. And now that you are no longer one parental unit under one roof, it is especially important to think carefully about the way you parent your children.

New Jersey man faces drug charge after text message mix-up

The police have many ways of obtaining information that can lead to drug charges. In some cases, people make things more difficult on themselves by handing information to the police without even realizing it, or without knowing that they do not have to share certain information with police. One New Jersey man is now facing a drug charge after he allegedly inadvertently alerted the police to his own drug deal.

Former New Jersey lawyer sentenced to life

Penalties for white collar crime are often harsh today, and a former New Jersey prosecutor found that out recently. Federal courts, in particular, tend to treat organized activity with a very heavy hand, and they are guided in this effort by mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines that provide very little leeway for the accused.

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