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December 2013 Archives

Different drinking habits may be a factor in New Jersey divorce

There are a number of reasons why couples in New Jersey and elsewhere may decide to end their marriage. Some couples may drift apart emotionally, while others may divorce over financial issues that they are unable to resolve. The circumstances behind each divorce are unique. However, a recent study conducted by the University of Buffalo shows another reason why couples may split up. If one spouse drinks more heavily than the other, it increases the likelihood of divorce.

Drunk driving accident caused by a New Jersey teen

Although alcohol can be a fun way to celebrate or relax at the end of the week, it can have tragic consequences if abused. One way to abuse alcohol is to drive after consumption. A New Jersey teen has recently found out just how tragic those consequences can be after a drunk driving accident was caused by his choice to drink and drive.

New Jersey car accident leaves 1 dead after truck loses load

Drivers in New Jersey, and all over the world, are tasked with obeying traffic laws and being mindful of others on the roadway. Unfortunately, there are more dangers on the roadway than just reckless drivers. One recent car accident on Route 280 serves as one example of just how important it is to stay aware of what is around the vehicle whenever an individual hits the road. Additionally, it also demonstrates the importance of ensuring that anything being hauled or towed is properly secured.

New Jersey criminal defense: Pharmacists face drug charges

Illegal prescription drugs have become a widespread problem throughout New Jersey and the nation, adding more challenges to our country's war on drugs. Three pharmacists in our state have recently been arrested as a result of a multi-state drug investigation by local, state and federal agencies. For now, their licenses are suspended as they focus on preparing a criminal defense against the drug charges.

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