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January 2014 Archives

New Jersey traffic stop leads to drug charge

Drugs have become a serious problem in New Jersey and throughout the country. As a result, many police departments are conducting focused investigations and property searches in an effort to combat this problem. In the event that drugs are discovered, drug charges are typically filed against the individuals suspected of possessing them. New Jersey residents who find themselves facing a drug charge need to know that they have legal rights to which they are entitled.

New Jersey car accident leaves 3 injured, exact cause unknown

Car accidents can happen on any roadway, at any time and for a number of reasons. Loss of control of the vehicle appears to be the reason for one recent car accident in New Jersey. The accident happened on Interstate 95 when the driver lost control causing her vehicle to run off the road and into the woods. Authorities believe that the driver may have been attempting to avoid another accident already on the roadway, though there is no information available on this speculation.

Drug charge, weapon charges for New Jersey man after traffic stop

Being charged with a crime is not easy for any New Jersey resident. Fortunately, when accusations arise, the individual at the heart of the case can remain confident in their legal rights. Investigating the significance of these rights may be the next step for one New Jersey man following a recent traffic stop. He was arrested on a drug charge, several weapons-related charges and traffic violations.

Father's Day drunk driving accident kills dad and his daughter

A 27-year-old man has confessed to drinking as many as five cocktails at a party in Trenton prior to driving his vehicle home to Camden last June. Tragically, he entered Route 29 traveling the wrong way and collided with another vehicle. A fatal drunk driving accident ensued, which claimed the life of a father and his 7-year-old daughter who were riding in the vehicle that was struck. Tragically, the accident occurred on Father's Day.

New Jersey police officer in drunk driving accident

When they are socializing with friends, drivers may not pay attention to how much alcohol they have actually consumed. Later it can be very easy to underestimate how impaired their concentration is. Drinking and driving can have many consequences, and the circumstances of a drunk driving accident affect the outcome for the driver. The police deal with hundreds of such accidents every year but like anyone else they, too, sometimes make serious errors of judgment, as one police officer from Alpine, New Jersey, reportedly found out to his cost.

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