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May 2014 Archives

Criminal defense: Young New Jersey man goes on alleged rampage

A former high school wrestler was recently arrested under what many are referring to as bizarre circumstances. The ex-wrestler, who is now 20 years of age, has been charged with a wide range of criminal offenses after an alleged rampage of illegal activity. The young New Jersey man’s father made recent statements to news media outlets saying that his son was a kid who had done something very stupid. Regardless of what happened, this man will want to employ a well-thought out criminal defense during his court case.

Victim dies after alleged drunk driving accident

There are many forms of accidents that can lead to fatal injuries. Among the most common forms of car accidents are those that involve drunk driving. In New Jersey, individuals involved in a drunk driving accident potentially face injuries that can range from minor injury to death. Recently, there was an accident in New Jersey that resulted in the most tragic ramification of purported drunk driving.

Husband wants child custody of Sherri Shepherd's unborn child

When a New Jersey couple with children decide that it is time to call it quits, it is not uncommon for child custody issues to arise during the divorce process. Both parents want their children and often want their spouses to only have visitation rights. However, child custody agreements should be determined based on the best interests of the children and not only on what the parents want. This is something that will likely be the focal point in a recent celebrity separation.

Fewer drunk driving accident deaths involving children

When it comes to drunk driving, every state has a different number of fatal accidents that occur each year. However, one particularly tragic issue relates to the number of children, under 15 years of age, who die in these crashes. While one study suggests that the number of child drunk driving accident deaths declined by about 41 percent during the previous decade, the study also revealed a very alarming and unnerving fact.

Teen drivers drinking and smoking pot elevate car accident risk

Results from an alcohol, pot and driving study conducted by an out-of-state university may be of interest to New Jersey readers of this blog. The study showed that teens who smoke pot while drinking alcohol have a higher chance of engaging in dangerous driving habits. The survey results did not reflect the obvious increase in accident involvement for those who drink, smoke pot and drive, however. The survey showed that simply having combined the two drugs within the last year indicates an increased statistical likelihood of being involved in a car accident.

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