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Criminal defense: Young New Jersey man goes on alleged rampage

A former high school wrestler was recently arrested under what many are referring to as bizarre circumstances. The ex-wrestler, who is now 20 years of age, has been charged with a wide range of criminal offenses after an alleged rampage of illegal activity. The young New Jersey man’s father made recent statements to news media outlets saying that his son was a kid who had done something very stupid. Regardless of what happened, this man will want to employ a well-thought out criminal defense during his court case.

Police allege that the man’s supposed rampage began on the Jersey Shore. Witnesses say that the suspect was wild-eyed and attacked bystanders during the crazy series of events. It started when the man allegedly hijacked an electric buggy that was being operated by two Manasquan Beach Patrol workers. Police claim that the man kicked the windshield out, robbed everyone inside the buggy, threw them out and stole the vehicle. Then, he allegedly drove along the boardwalk and tried to run pedestrians over with the vehicle.

Police suspect that the man was legally drunk during the incident. However, he would not submit to a drug test after being apprehended. At the end of the incident, the man tried to hide inside a beach house, where seven people who were inside the home struggled to pacify him. The description of the incident has left the young man’s father baffled. The father said that his son has never gone berserk or gotten in trouble, he maintained a 95 percent average in catholic school, and he did not understand why or how anything like this could have occurred.

If what this man’s father is saying about him is true and his criminal record is clean, it may be possible for him to achieve a great deal during his criminal defense proceedings. Indeed, psychological evaluations and other eye-witness accounts could be helpful in getting to the bottom of what really happened on the New Jersey boardwalk that day. Such evidence could prove helpful to this man if he hopes to get his charges dropped or achieve a verdict of not guilty in his criminal defense proceedings.

Source: CBS New York, "New Jersey High School Wrestling Champ Accused In Bizarre Rampage", , May 28, 2014

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