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Husband wants child custody of Sherri Shepherd's unborn child

When a New Jersey couple with children decide that it is time to call it quits, it is not uncommon for child custody issues to arise during the divorce process. Both parents want their children and often want their spouses to only have visitation rights. However, child custody agreements should be determined based on the best interests of the children and not only on what the parents want. This is something that will likely be the focal point in a recent celebrity separation.

Lamar Sally filed for marriage dissolution in early May 2014. Technically speaking, he is only requesting a legal separation from his wife, Sherri Shepherd, at this time because he has only lived for three months in the state in which he is filing. This is because of the state's residency requirements.

However, in August, when he has lived in California for six months, he plans to file for divorce officially from his celebrity wife. Sally is requesting that his wife pay spousal support. He is also seeking physical and legal custody of their unborn baby, who is due July 28 by a surrogate. He wants his wife to only have visitation rights.

It appears that a prenuptial agreement is in place. However, Sally alleges that it is invalid. He claims fraud is the reason for the invalidity.

As many divorces do, with celebrities and non-celebrities in New Jersey and across the nation, it appears that this one may get messy. Both parties will want to ensure that they are prepared in order to obtain the best possible divorce settlement and will likely want to focus primarily on the well-being of their child during child custody talks. If they are unable to resolve their issues on their own, the final decision will be decided in court and should be equally fair to both parties and ensure the best interests of the child.

Source: The Chicago Defender, "Sherri Shepherd's Husband Files For Divorce, Asks For Spousal Support & Custody Of Their Unborn Child!", Myeisha Essex, May 9, 2014

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