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June 2014 Archives

Mother faces criminal charges for leaving child alone in car

Every parent makes mistakes, despite how it may look to the casual Internet surfer. With the advent of parenting blogs, there are men and women across New Jersey and the country who purport to know the best way, nay the right way, to raise children. They may make themselves out to be flawless parents, but they too make mistakes. At what point, however, are those mistakes criminal?

Americans on track to end year with 8 percent more debt

Ask anyone in Trenton and they will tell you what we all already know: life is expensive. From rent or mortgage payments to the cost of raising a child to medical bills, it is no wonder that so many people are in debt. What was once something that carried considerable shame, credit card debt is a reality for many people in New Jersey. And while we eliminated $32.5 billion of credit card debt last quarter, we will likely add $42 billion in credit card debt by the end of the year.

Police claim to find marijuana, heroin in Lansdale arrest

Two men, one from Lansdale and the other from Trenton, have recently been arrested and charged with various drug crimes after police claim to have found marijuana and heroin in the car in which they were sitting. Though many may think their arrest was straight forward and prosecution should be relatively easy, the young men and their criminal defense lawyers will want to make sure that police acted properly in their investigation.

Divorce through mediation: a more amicable split

There are countless stories in the media of bitter divorces dragged out for years while each spouse tries to destroy the other. There are stories of one spouse trying to sabotage the other's chance of getting child custody, so he or she tells the judge whatever he or she thinks will tarnish the other spouse's reputation. Unfortunately, there are some people who make it very difficult to divorce. On the other hand, there are many people in New Jersey who try to take a more amicable approach through mediation.

Supreme Court: inherited IRAs aren't protected in bankruptcy

Who files bankruptcy? Though some people in Lawrenceville who apply for bankruptcy can't work and, thus, have no money, many more are gainfully employed or have recently lost their jobs. Just because someone has a job doesn't mean that he or she can't be in serious need of debt solutions.

Trucking companies fight back against mandatory rest periods

Trucking regulations are hardly the topic of conversation in most Trenton homes, but a recent truck accident on the New Jersey turnpike has many people talking about truck safety. Famed comedian and actor Tracy Morgan was seriously injured when a Wal-Mart truck smashed into the back of his vehicle late last week. Another comedian in the limousine bus was killed in the crash.

Technology and DNA can be used to prove inmates' innocence

It is a nightmare that some people in Mercer County can only imagine, but there are people who are sentenced to long prison sentences, and it is far more common than we might think. Nationally, one in 25 inmates on death row are actually innocent. While New Jersey hasn't had the death penalty since 2007, it is likely that there is a similar proportion of innocent people in New Jersey's prisons, including those sentenced to life behind bars.

Bergen County crash leaves 3 generations injured

A tragic accident happened last month that has left two women seriously injured and a child with minor injuries. Though no one suffered life-threatening injuries, the two women who were hurt will face considerable recovery times to overcome what has happened to them. Fortunately, police have someone in custody that is accused of causing the crash.

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