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Police claim to find marijuana, heroin in Lansdale arrest

Two men, one from Lansdale and the other from Trenton, have recently been arrested and charged with various drug crimes after police claim to have found marijuana and heroin in the car in which they were sitting. Though many may think their arrest was straight forward and prosecution should be relatively easy, the young men and their criminal defense lawyers will want to make sure that police acted properly in their investigation.

Drug charges are relatively serious in New Jersey. Both the state and the federal governments have made it very clear that they consider drug use to be a problem, and will come down hard on people in possession of drugs. From jail or prison time to fines and a criminal record, being convicted of drug charges comes with some serious negative consequences.

The two young men appear to have been arrested after one of them was vomiting loudly. The Lansdale man had been sitting in the passenger side of a car parked outside his home. It seems that he had been sick and someone had called police because of the noise. Police then found the young men in the car, waiting to feel better before going inside.

Police claim that when officers approached the vehicle they smelled marijuana, which the Trenton man later admitted was in the ashtray. It was then that police asked the young men to step out of the vehicle and submit to a pat down.

Unfortunately for these young men, they face a host of drug charges, any of which could have a lasting impact on their future.

Source: The Reporter, "Two men facing trial in Lansdale drug case in which loud vomiting allegedly led to arrests," Michael Goldberg, June 19, 2014

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