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Pharmacist accused of selling pain medication in drug ring

A 77-year-old New Jersey pharmacist was charged on Aug. 13 for his alleged role in a drug ring that involved 16 people. According to the report, the man was accused of illegally obtaining and selling the potent pain medication oxycodone. It was believed that the pharmacist provided the woman who was accused of being the ringleader with the pills even though he allegedly knew that the prescriptions were fraudulent.

The report stated that the Drug Enforcement Administration carried out an investigation that began in February that revealed that the accused man was providing those who were involved in the ring with the pain medication in addition to other controlled substances. The authorities claimed that the man had full knowledge that the drugs were being illegally distributed. Investigators further claim that, on June 2, the female ringleader and a customer collected 120 oxycodone pills and 120 Percocet pills from the pharmacist's residence.

The pharmacist was ultimately charged with one count of preconceived plans to possess and sell the drugs. The consequences for this charge include a maximum prison sentence of up to 20 years and a $1 million fine.

Those who face a drug charge on account of their alleged role in a drug trafficking ring may face serious penalties if they are convicted. However, a criminal defense attorney may be able them fight the charges depending upon the evidence the prosecution has against them. In complex operations involving multiple individuals, it may be difficult for prosecutors to clearly demonstrate one person's alleged role in the operation, or it may be possible that some evidence was not properly obtained. Showing that the investigators failed to follow proper procedures during part or all of the investigation may allow an attorney to press for the charges against a client to be reduced or dismissed.

Source:, "New Jersey Pharmacist One of Many Charged in Drug Trafficking ", Mary Marshall, August 15, 2014

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