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November 2014 Archives

2 New Jersey brothers seriously injured in hit-and-run

North Bergen law enforcement authorities reported that a hit-and-run pedestrian accident on Nov. 14 resulted in serious injuries to two brothers, aged 11 and 20. According to reports, the brothers were walking on the sidewalk along Kennedy Boulevard between 31st and 32nd streets around 9:50 p.m. when the collision occurred.

What are the standard conditions for probation?

Some people who are convicted of a crime in New Jersey may serve probation instead of time in jail. However, there are conditions that must be met while on probation. The first condition is that the person who is on probation must not commit a local, state or federal crime during the length of the probation. Furthermore, someone who is under supervision may not be in the possession of a controlled substance.

What's a parenting plan, and what if a parent violates it?

Parents in New Jersey may benefit from learning more about parenting plans and the legal consequences for violating these agreements. The parenting plan is designed to establish parameters for parenting time and may address other issues or disputes parents could be dealing with. When it's in the best interest for the child, most parenting plans are designed to provide regular contact with both parents. Terms of the parenting plan may govern parents' rights concerning health care, education, religion, financial support and decision-making.

Creditor harassment and credit card debt

Consumers in New Jersey may benefit from learning more about credit card debt and creditor harassment as described by the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC is responsible for enforcing the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which is legislation that makes it unlawful for debt collection companies to participate in deceptive, unfair or abusive practices in an effort to obtain collections from consumers. The FDCPA describes debt collectors as anyone who routinely collects debt owed to other parties.

New Jersey juvenile delinquency dispositions

Parents of children who are facing juvenile delinquency proceedings in New Jersey may be concerned about their children's futures and what penalties they may face. Judges in juvenile courts are mostly concerned with rehabilitation of the children and teenagers they deal with, and dispositions for juvenile crimes often focus on preventing future offenses.

2 men accused of maintaining heroin mill in New Jersey

On Oct. 30, authorities reported that they raided a home allegedly housing what police described as a heroin mill. Two men who were at the home when the authorities arrived were taken into custody. They were identified as a 30-year-old Hackensack resident and a 29-year-old Haledon resident.

Impaired driving and crash statistics

Each year in New Jersey, hundreds of people lose their lives in motor vehicle accidents caused by the actions of drunk drivers. Additionally, many more are injured. The problem is not one relegated just to the state, however. Drunk or impaired driving remains a significant contributing cause of fatal and injury accidents in the United States.

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