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New collision avoidances technologies gain acceptance

The automobiles on the road in New Jersey may be equipped with modern collision avoidance mechanisms that could help make the streets safer and reduce the incidence of injuries and fatalities by a significant amount. New safety technologies that help to prevent rear-end collisions and running off the road may someday be as commonplace as seat belts are right now.

Automated collision avoidance technologies have the potential to react more quickly and accurately to problems on the road than a human could, especially under conditions where the driver is tired or other vehicles are behaving in an unpredictable manner. Forward collision warning systems, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning indicators, adaptive cruise control and electronic stability control are all recent innovations meant to reduce the rate of car accident by providing reliable mechanical assistance to help drivers deal with unforeseen road emergencies. They provide active warning of incipient collisions, allowing the driver to react more quickly and appropriately.

There are other technologies that help ward off potential traffic problems. Speed-limiting devices, tire pressure monitoring and onboard monitoring can make commercial drivers and those in control of large vehicles safer.

Despite these new technologies, many car accidents may still occur due to human error. A person who is injured because of another driver's negligent or reckless behavior may be able to hold the allegedly at-fault party accountable for damages. Through a personal injury lawsuit filed in civil court, an injured car accident victim might be able to collect funds that cover the costs associated with treating injuries.

Source: National Transportation Safety Board, "Mandate Motor Vehicle Collision Avoidance Technologies", November 21, 2014

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