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Authorities arrest Princeton student for drugs

In New Jersey, federal agents arrested a 20-year-old Princeton University student when the man attempted to pick up packages that allegedly contained drugs, including 7 grams of ecstasy. The packages, which originated from an overseas location, had been sent to the school's campus mailroom. When drugs were allegedly detected, authorities reportedly watched the campus mailroom to arrest whomever came to retrieve the packages.

The student was arrested on Jan. 6 when he signed for the packages. Officers then searched the student's dorm room and duffel bag. The man was reportedly carrying half an ounce of liquid LSD, 5 grams of hashish, 55 grams of marijuana, two digital scales, $400 in cash and 60 Adderall pills in his duffel bag at the time he was arrested. In searches of the man's dorm room and other packages, authorities reportedly found drug parahernalia, 40 grams of psilocybin mushrooms and 31 cookies made with marijuana.

Authorities arrested the student, charging him with several drug possession and distribution offenses. After his bond was set in the amount of $25,000, the young man was able to post it. At the time of the report, he was out of custody while his case was pending. Multiple state and federal law enforcement agencies participated in the investigation of the case.

A drug charge can be especially problematic for a college student, as a conviction may prevent their ability to obtain financial aid for their education. Other collateral consequences of having a drug conviction can include future difficulty finding housing, obtaining credit and securing jobs. Those facing drug charges additionally face the possibility of serious criminal consequences, including long terms of imprisonment and fines. People who are accused of drug possession or distribution may want to get the help of a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Source:, "Princeton U. student arrested in campus mailroom after U.S. agents intercept package with ecstasy," Cristina Rojas, Jan. 7, 2015

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