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Avoiding car crash injuries

When a motor vehicle accident occurs on New Jersey roads, many types of injuries can result. The nature and severity of these injuries can vary based on several factors, such as speed and the type of crash. When injures occur, it may be possible to hold the responsible driver legally accountable.

Some of the most common injuries that occur in a car accident are to the face and head. In some cases, a passenger may be thrust forward so forcefully that their head strikes the windshield, instrument panel or a seat. Some examples of these injuries include facial bruising, head lacerations and damage to the teeth or jaw. Drivers and passengers should always wear a seat belt in order to help prevent such injuries. It is also wise to cover the face with the hands in the event of a crash.

Back injuries are another possible result of a car crash. The spine and back muscles play a vital role in human body movement, so any injury to these areas can be severely debilitating. Slipped discs, fractured vertebrae or bruised muscles can cause serious pain and take months to heal properly. Proper seat belt use can help prevent back injuries as well.

Perhaps the most serious type of injury that can be sustained in a car crash is injury to the brain. Forceful trauma to the brain can result in injuries such as concussions, brain hemorrhaging, memory loss or even a coma. Making sure a proper air bag system is installed is one way to help avoid such injuries.

When a car accident causes a serious injury, legal action may be possible. An attorney may be able to consult with medical experts and eyewitnesses in an attempt to establish the liability of the responsible driver and recover compensation for accident-related damages.

Source: Cars Direct, "Most Common Preventable Injuries that Happen in a Car Crash", January 27, 2012

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