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When it comes to child custody, don't forget about legal custody

As any parent knows, there are many important decisions that can arise when raising a child. Examples of some of the major decisions that can come before parents in regards to their children are:

  • Religious decisions, such as what religious tradition their children will be raised in and what sorts of religious ceremonies their children will be involved in.
  • Educational decisions, such as what schools their children will attend.
  • Health care decisions, such as what sorts of medical treatments their children will receive.
  • Decisions related to their children's general welfare.

There are many important things to sort out when parents get divorced. One such thing is who will have the authority to make important decisions regarding the children, like the decisions mentioned above, moving forward.

This decision-making authority is called legal custody, and it is one of the two main classes of child custody here in New Jersey, the other being residential custody. Following a divorce, legal custody can be shared by the parents or it could be given to just one of the parents.

Decisions like the ones mentioned above can have a lot of impacts on a child and a family. Thus, who has the authority to make these decisions can be a very big deal. Consequently, when it comes to child custody matters, it can be important for a parent to not let all their attention get lost in the issue of residential custody to the point that they ignore the issue of legal custody. Putting a proper amount of thought and energy into coming up with an appropriate legal custody arrangement can be of great importance.

Our firm can provide divorcing parents here in New Jersey with legal help and advice in relation to both classes of child custody, residential and legal. See our child custody page for additional information on our firm's child-custody-related legal services. 

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