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March 2015 Archives

A wife's illness can lead to divorce

Caring for someone who is ill is often time-consuming and expensive, frequently taking a toll on intimate relationships. A recent study now shows that marriages in which a wife becomes seriously ill are at greater risk of divorce than marriages where the husband becomes ill or both spouses remain healthy. Married couples in New Jersey may want to be aware of how a wife's illness can affect a marriage.

The use of arbitration clauses

Anyone in New Jersey who uses a credit card or has a bank account could be affected by arbitration clauses. An arbitration clause is an agreement between a banking institution and a customer to resolve any disputes outside of the regular court system. Although arbitration clauses cover tens of millions of consumers, a study by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found that a majority of consumers do not understand their implications.

Doctors have relatively low divorce rates

Doctors in New Jersey might be less likely to get a divorce than other health care professionals, according to a recent study. Although people tend to think that doctors have higher divorce rates due to the stress and long hours involved in their jobs, the study found that the opposite was true. Less than 25 percent of the doctors surveyed said that they had been divorced, compared to 35 percent of the respondents in non-health care jobs.

Credit card debt becomes bigger problem in 2014

Although people began to spend more money in 2014 compared to 2013, they often used credit cards to pay for purchases, especially retail ones. A CardHub survey shows that in 2014, Americans in New Jersey and across the nation spent $57.1 billion on credit cards, an increase of almost 50 percent over 2013 credit card debt figures. Around 2009, consumers had been more careful with their spending as a result of the financial crisis in the United States. During this time, they were more concerned about paying down or off their debts.

2 people charged after police find heroin in motel room

On Feb. 25, police in New Jersey seized 1,091 individual bags of heroin from a motel room occupied by a 44-year-old man. The drug bust concluded a month-long investigation into narcotics sales that were believed to be going on at the Travel Inn motel in Vineland. The Vineland Police Department's Street Crimes Unit had reportedly received information suggesting that the accused man was selling heroin from his motel room on East Landis Avenue.

New Jersey high school drug sweep leads to 1 arrest

According to reports, a recent drug search and sweep of Ridge High School in Bernards Township resulted in only one student being detained for allegedly possessing drugs. The search reportedly occurred at the high school on Feb. 13, and involved the use of K-9 dogs, officers and checks of the parking lot as well as hallway lockers.

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