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Doctors have relatively low divorce rates

Doctors in New Jersey might be less likely to get a divorce than other health care professionals, according to a recent study. Although people tend to think that doctors have higher divorce rates due to the stress and long hours involved in their jobs, the study found that the opposite was true. Less than 25 percent of the doctors surveyed said that they had been divorced, compared to 35 percent of the respondents in non-health care jobs.

The divorce study was led by a hospital physician who also works as an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. According to the lead author of the study, no other large-scale research has ever been done on the divorce rates of medical professionals. Over 40,000 doctors as well as 200,000 health care executives, nurses, dentists and pharmacists were surveyed.

The study showed that pharmacists were even less likely than doctors to have gone through a divorce, as 23 percent of those in that profession said that their marriages had been dissolved. Nurses and health care executives were the most likely medical professionals to be divorced, according to the study. One-third of the nurses who were surveyed and 31 percent of the health care executives answered in the affirmative when asked if they had ever been divorced.

Going through a divorce is a difficult process for anybody. A person who works long hours as a medical doctor or nurse may wonder how they will be able to make time for the negotiations and court hearings that might need to take place. Someone in this situation might decide to seek representation from a divorce attorney in order to ensure that their interests are protected.

Source: U.S. News & World Report, "Doctors Less Likely to Divorce, Study Finds" Robert Preidt, Feb. 19, 2015

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