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May 2015 Archives

Possible custody suit between reality TV parents

Most custody battles are private affairs, but the possible dispute between reality TV parents the Gosselins over custody of one of the couple's daughters likely will be of interest to many people in New Jersey and the rest of the country. The mother, who is the current star of the TLC series "Kate Plus 8," has primary custody of the eight children, but the father and former star of "Jon and Kate Plus 8" is reportedly considering an attempt to gain physical custody of one of their daughters, 11-year-old Hannah.

Scientists develop test detecting cocaine use from fingerprints

New Jersey residents may be interested to learn about the creation of a new drug test that can determine whether a person has taken cocaine by analyzing chemicals in their fingerprints. Details of the breakthrough were recently published in a scientific journal.

International custody cases present complex challenges

New Jersey residents may have noticed that some international child custody cases have been receiving publicity recently, including the case of a New Hampshire mother now facing charges for abducting her daughter and fleeing to Central America more than a decade ago. These cases demonstrate the difficult obstacles that parents and the U.S government face when dealing with international custody battles.

Dangerous days to be on the road

Serious motor vehicle accidents in New Jersey are often the result of drunk driving and heavy traffic. That is why there are some days in the year when it is particularly dangerous to be on the road. Although most fall on or around a holiday, there are some high-risk driving days that are linked to sporting events and superstitions.

Choosing between debt repayment plans and bankruptcy

There are a lot of people in New Jersey who are struggling with credit card debt that they can no longer afford to make payments on. While many people think that consolidating all of their credit card debt in order to pay it off quickly is a better solution than filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, this alternative can actually end up costing a lot more money in the long term.

Social media and the risk of divorce

Couples in New Jersey and around the world face some unique challenges in the 21st century. While infidelity has always represented a threat to marriage, new technology has changed the way people communicate and relate to each other. As a result, people do not even need to leave their homes in order to meet and develop a relationship with a paramour.

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