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Non-custodial parents who do not pay support still contribute

New Jersey custodial parents may know that there are non-custodial parents out there that do not pay child support. Based on numerous studies, it appeared that the number of mothers and fathers who did not have custody of their children and did not pay child support were about the same. With that being said, it appeared that non-custodial parents were supporting their children in other ways.

A study that was published in the June 2015 edition of Journal of Marriage and Family found that half of the fathers who could not pay child support due to their financial situation attempted to contribute to their children in other ways. This including providing some school expenses, baby products and food. In general, this came out to a $60 average each month. Ultimately, of the 367 fathers who were lower income, only 23 percent paid child support but 46 percent made other contributions.

While this particular study focused on fathers, the current child support system potentially keeps non-custodial parents who could not provide child support from having a relationship with their children. The study noted that non-custodial parents who spent at least 10 hours per month with their children were more likely to provide more, whether that be in clothing costs, food costs or school expenses.

For many New Jersey parents, their financial situation keeps them from being unable to pay child support, which could impact the relationship that they are able to have with their children. A family law attorney may assist the non-custodial parent with filing a motion to modify their child support order to something that is more manageable. If the custodial parent refuses to allow the non-custodial parent to visit with the children, the attorney may assist with modifying the visitation order.

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