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September 2015 Archives

The risk of driving in fog or smoke

Drivers in New Jersey and elsewhere face several challenges when visibility conditions are foggy or smoky. It can reduce their visibility significantly, reducing contrast and obscuring their surroundings. This makes it difficult for them to accurately see what is ahead, which is crucial for their safety. The use of the high beam headlights on a vehicle compounds the visibility issues because the light reflects off of fog and smoke.

Woman found with heroin and syringes after traffic stop

A woman in New Jersey received several drug charges after a traffic stop that occurred shortly after 3 a.m. on Sept. 13. The 20-year-old Eatontown woman was stopped by a police officer in Holmdel while she was traveling down Laurel Avenue in a Jeep. The officer allegedly noticed that the woman was driving erratically and decided to pull her over at the intersection of Middle Road and Laurel Avenue.

Having a baby before marriage does not increase divorce risk

In the not-so-distant past, couples in New Jersey and around the country that had a baby before they were married had a higher chance of getting a divorce later on. However, a new study by the Council on Contemporary Families has found that getting married after having children is no longer the strong predictor of divorce that it once was.

The necessity of plea bargaining

The criminal justice system can be confusing for New Jersey residents, as many people do not always understand the sentences some people receive after convictions. There are times when those expecting an offender to get a harsh penaltyare disappointed because plea bargaining allows for a lesser sentence. While this can upset a victim or relatives, plea bargaining is a necessary tool.

When changes to custody plans might be necessary

When New Jersey parents with young children are going through a divorce, they in most cases must figure out a custody agreement that involves forming a parenting plan and schedule. While this is intended to make things easier for both children and their parents, an initial agreement might not work out as well as one hopes. The time when kids go back to school gives parents a chance to evaluate how a custody arrangement is faring.

Several injury symptoms can arise from a New Jersey car accident

New Jersey drivers may find themselves dealing with numerous physical and psychological traumas after a serious vehicle accident. Responses to an accident varies significantly from one person to the next, with some developing severe stress reactions and others not presenting any serious issues for days after the accident. Headaches and pain or stiffness in the neck and shoulders are some of the most common physical problems to develop after an accident. They can be relatively benign or lead to such serious complications as a blood clot to the brain.

Using bankruptcy to get out of debt in New Jersey

Once seen as a shameful move, filing for bankruptcy has become an accepted way to help New Jersey debtors organize or get out from massive debts. Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows an individual to have his or her non-exempt assets liquidated to pay off creditors. Most remaining unsecured debt is fully discharged within 4 to 6 months after the filing.

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