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Several injury symptoms can arise from a New Jersey car accident

New Jersey drivers may find themselves dealing with numerous physical and psychological traumas after a serious vehicle accident. Responses to an accident varies significantly from one person to the next, with some developing severe stress reactions and others not presenting any serious issues for days after the accident. Headaches and pain or stiffness in the neck and shoulders are some of the most common physical problems to develop after an accident. They can be relatively benign or lead to such serious complications as a blood clot to the brain.

Back pain is a common result of car accidents, found in more than half of all rear-impact collisions. Abdominal pain and swelling are also common problems that often indicate internal bleeding and sometimes life-threatening complications that require emergency care. Whiplash, which develops in approximately 20 percent of those involved in rear-end collisions, and numbness are common issues related to the neck and spinal column.

Some people experience changes in their personality or physical functioning after a traumatic collision. A traumatic brain injury is often signaled by a loss of physical function or a change in the mental state of the victim. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that car accidents are the third-leading cause of traumatic brain injuries and the second-leading cause of death from those injuries. PTSD is a serious disorder in which victims may have vivid recollections or nightmares of the accident, known as flashbacks.

Individuals who are injured or develop any of these problems as the result of a motor vehicle accident caused by another motorist may want to obtain the advice of an attorney. Physical and mental trauma resulting from a collision can require expensive medical tests and treatments and may force the victim to take time off from work to heal. A personal injury lawsuit may help recover some of the damages that have been sustained.

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