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December 2015 Archives

Multi-vehicle accident claims three lives

New Jersey residents can become the victims of serious injury or even fatal vehicle accidents in a variety of situations. Distracted or aggressive drivers on busy freeways, for example, can cause crashes. Drunk or speeding drivers who do not obey traffic laws and signals can also instigate collisions. Sometimes the cause of an accident is not always immediately known yet the impact can be severe.

Boomers straddled with high education loan debt

New Jersey parents seeking ways to help pay for their children’s college educations often turn to loans when other sources of aid are not sufficient. ParentPLUS loans can be used to adjunct scholarships, work study, direct student loans and grants. However, there is a growing problem in America regarding these loans. As more older adults are borrowing, more are also encountering financial challenges.

Differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

Even as the nation’s economy continues to rebound from the recession, many consumers in New Jersey still find themselves struggling to make ends meet. When mounds of debt simply become too much to keep up with, it may be time to consider filing for bankruptcy. However, before this is done, effort must be made to understand the two forms of consumer bankruptcy so that the correct one is selected.

New legislation to impact road safety across country

Rarely do we talk about politicians agreeing with each other, but sources report that the Senate and House of Representatives have agreed on a bill that will fund various transportation projects that might work toward improving traffic safety in New Jersey and beyond. 

New Jersey in talks of changing marijuana laws

Today an important discussion takes place in New Jersey. State Sen. Nicholas Scutari is presiding over a hearing that could help determine whether marijuana laws will change in the state. Currently, marijuana is legal for some medical purposes in New Jersey. But will it be legalized for recreational use?

New Jersey: Continue safe driving trend this Thanksgiving

Law enforcement as well as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration track accidents and lives lost to traffic incidents every year. It can be useful information in order to compare fatality numbers year to year. Those comparisons can create a picture of what might be working or not working to improve traffic safety around the country. 

NHTSA reports 2015 crash data, renews focus on driving behaviors

More people died on America's highways during the first half of 2015 than during the same period in 2014. The data is only preliminary, but, as much as anyone would like it to improve, it is hard to imagine that it will change much by the time the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announces the final results toward the end of next year.

NJ law makes spousal communications fair game for prosecutors

Certain communications have always been given protection from prosecutors during criminal proceedings. For example, your communications to your criminal defense attorney, whether spoken or in writing, are confidential cannot be held against you in court.

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