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New Jersey in talks of changing marijuana laws

Today an important discussion takes place in New Jersey. State Sen. Nicholas Scutari is presiding over a hearing that could help determine whether marijuana laws will change in the state. Currently, marijuana is legal for some medical purposes in New Jersey. But will it be legalized for recreational use?

In today's hearing, one side of the heated marijuana argument will be heard: the side of why it should be legal for people to engage in the recreational use of the drug. The side against legalization will be heard later, with Gov. Chris Christie likely one of the most prominent voices against marijuana's legalization in New Jersey.

Once reports about the hearing come out, we will know more about the various arguments regarding why members of the New Jersey community believe in legalizing marijuana's recreational use. It is likely that there are economic factors, law enforcement/incarceration factors, and further medical reasons why people support making the drug more accessible in the state. 

For now, even the medical marijuana laws in New Jersey are quite strict, making it possible for someone who believes that they are within the drug laws of the state to face criminal accusations. With drug convictions comes mandatory sentencing, making it crucial for those using the drug to understand the laws, and those accused of using the drug illegally to work with a criminal defense attorney who is up-to-date on current state drug laws. 

With the recent changes of marijuana laws in New Jersey and throughout the country, it is understandable for people to feel confused about their rights. Add to that the federal drug law aspect of marijuana, and the issue becomes even more complicated. A drug crimes defense attorney is an invaluable source of guidance and protection for someone accused of marijuana possession in the state. 

We will keep you posted when there is an update about the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana in our state.

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