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New legislation to impact road safety across country

Rarely do we talk about politicians agreeing with each other, but sources report that the Senate and House of Representatives have agreed on a bill that will fund various transportation projects that might work toward improving traffic safety in New Jersey and beyond. 

If Pres. Barack Obama agrees to the bill, about $280 billion will go toward several measures to improve transportation in the U.S. Among the many changes, the following are a few that could directly increase safety on our nation's roadways:

Greater punishment for automakers that disregard safety laws in the manufacturing of their vehicles: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration could demand a higher penalty when manufacturers' negligence puts lives at risk through faulty vehicles and/or parts.

More responsibility on rental vehicle companies: Currently, rental car companies are not legally required to address safety defects of the vehicles they provide to consumers. That can create a dangerous situation for drivers and all who share the roads with those faulty vehicles. The bill will require companies of a certain size to fix safety issues before renting out their vehicles. 

Mitigate danger of truck accidents: Tanker trucks are not only dangerous because of their size; they are also dangerous because of what they often carry. The oil that the trucks carry, for example, creates an extremely flammable situation. Part of the bill would require increased thermal blanket protection that would work to reduce how severe a truck accident could become. 

These are just a few of the proposed transportation-related changes. While legislation can help to improve traffic safety, responsible driving is the most crucial aspect of accident prevention. Someone who has been hurt in a motor vehicle accident should discuss their incident with a personal injury attorney in their area.

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