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Should you still be struggling after bankruptcy?

One might hope and believe that after having taken the big leap to file for bankruptcy that their fresh start would simply start once the process is complete. Unfortunately, many people's fresh starts are tainted when banks do not follow proper bankruptcy procedure. 

If a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy has been approved, the completion of the process grants a consumer certain rights. The point of filing for bankruptcy is to reorganize certain debts or have them discharged. What happens if a bank doesn't respect those rights?

Some who have filed bankruptcy might not be entirely aware of their rights. Understanding one's rights is an important step toward protecting them, and holding financial institutions accountable to respecting debtor's rights as well. 

Banks are generally accountable to update the credit reporting agency about a filer's status. The bank should inform the agency that debts have been discharged and a debtor no longer owes certain debts. Doing this protects a person's credit report and keeps them from being bothered by creditors about making payments. 

If you have filed for bankruptcy and the process was approved and completed, don't just assume that requests for debt payments are normal. Don't assume that you still actually owe a creditor or creditors anything.

If you have any doubts at all about your situation after bankruptcy reach out to your attorney right away. Your lawyer can uncover whether your rights related to Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 are being violated or if you truly do owe certain payments despite the filing.

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