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How you can safeguard yourself from hospital errors, part 1

In a previous post, we discussed the serious matter of medical errors and the kinds of errors that impact New Jersey patients every year. Some mistakes might not lead to any problems. They might even go unnoticed. Some mishaps can lead to minor health problems. And some hospital errors can lead to severely worsened health conditions or death. 

As we emphasized previously, doctors carry a significant portion of professional responsibility to prevent incidents of medical negligence. Patients can work toward protecting themselves from potential errors, however. If they want to use any control they have to avoid suffering because of malpractice, patients can take the following actions:

Inform and be informed: Do not assume that your medical provider knows everything about your background and medical history. They do not always do their research homework like we would all hope. Be clear about certain risks and health conditions that are specific to you. 

Ask questions about any tests, treatments or medications your doctor recommends. Again, do not just assume anything about your doctor, including their intentions. Understanding their intentions and their reasoning better prepares you to comprehend your test results and know what to expect from your overall treatment. 

If you know you have a hard time communicating with your healthcare provider, bring a family member or friend with to your appointments. Maybe you are worried and know you will have a hard time remembering what to ask your doctor or what your doctor says. Tell a trusted companion what you want to say and know, and they can help assure that you get what you want out of your medical appointment. 

Information and preparation are power when it comes to doctor error prevention. Those aspects are just part of the bigger malpractice prevention picture. We will provide more tips in a future post. 

Someone who feels that their health has suffered because of medical negligence should act now and talk to a New Jersey medical malpractice lawyer. It can be easy to feel like you did something wrong or to feel afraid to take on a healthcare provider.  A personal injury attorney can be a source of support during this stressful and confusing time. 

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