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How you can safeguard yourself from medical errors, part 2

We recently shared a post about safeguarding yourself from hospital errors. This post continues that conversation with a couple more suggestions that can help keep you and your loved ones safe from potential medical problems. 

If anyone were to be perfect, we all might hope that our medical providers would be. We put our health -- our lives in their hands. But despite the need for doctors to be perfect in their jobs, they can make mistakes they should never make. Here are some tips to help you try to keep your doctor from making those errors:

Be picky: Especially when it comes to surgical procedures, don't just pick the first or closest provider you find. Research the providers around you that specialize in your procedure and look at safety ratings and/or reviews you can find. You want your doctors and nurses to have vast experience in the care that you will be getting. 

Be bossy: It is nice for family and friends to visit you, but it isn't nice when they could possibly make you sick. Instruct visitors to wash their hands regularly, and definitely before they get near and touch you. It should go without saying, but visitors also include doctors and nurses. If you worry that their hands are not clean, speak up and ask that they wash. It is your health on the line. You have the right to aggressively defend it. 

As you can see, hospital safety is a lot about communication and research. From your end, you can be vigilant about thorough, honest communication and doing the proper research associated with your care. Your doctor has various standards to meet on his or her end as well. If your provider fails to live up to those standards, you have legal rights that a medical malpractice lawyer can lay out for you. 

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