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Passengers and bicyclists dying too often in New Jersey

Some people naively believe that simply over time, advancements in vehicles or more discussion about road safety leads to fewer traffic-related deaths. This might be true to some extent, but accidents continue to happen on New Jersey roads.

On one more positive note, research shows that there was about a 1 percent decrease in the number of traffic deaths in New Jersey last year. While any reduction in the loss of life is worth praising, focusing on the dangers that still clearly exist for local drivers could help save even more lives in the years to come. 

There is more than one way to be killed on Trenton roads. Sure, you might be driving and get into an accident. You might also be a vehicle passenger and be injured or killed in an accident. And then there is also the increasing number of men and women who walk or use bicycles to travel who can be hit by vehicles. 

Reports from last year suggest that vehicle passengers and bicyclists are in the most danger. Deaths among those groups in New Jersey increased last year, suggesting that there is a need for certain safety reminders and community fixes in order to save more lives from traffic accidents. 

Traffic safety advocates here are looking next door to New York City and its recent safety improvements regarding bicyclist and pedestrian safety. It looks at NYC's use of higher fines for speeding and road improvements as just a couple of options that should be enforced here in the state. 

To make a reduction in traffic deaths takes collaboration among legislators, law enforcement, drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. Holding negligent motorists accountable is one way that a victim of a bicycle accident, for example, can help send a message that all lives on the roads matter. Traffic laws matter, and those who defy them can be held responsible through a personal injury case. 

An upcoming post will discuss more about passenger safety in New Jersey, as well as other traffic safety trends in the state. 

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