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February 2016 Archives

Fatal crane accident contractors had prior safety violations

The horrific crane accident that claimed the lives of two New Jersey workers was tragic to say the least. Now, that tragedy may be multiplied if it turns out that negligence was a factor. Taking a look at the history of four companies involved with the project, it turns out that negligence could indeed be a factor.

Theft penalties in New Jersey depend on the value of the items

Facing charges for theft can mean that you are facing a felony charge or a misdemeanor charge. The difference between the classifications has to do with the value of the items that were taken. The higher the value, the higher the charge. Other factors can also affect the type of charge that you will face.

Parents awarded $10 million for son's medical malpractice injury

An out-of-state family was awarded $10 million after a jury concluded that a hospital was negligent concerning their son's care. His parents filed a medical malpractice suit after emergency room doctors failed to diagnose the young boy's bacterial meningitis. The failure to render a timely and accurate diagnosis led to permanent brain injury and other severe injuries.

Valentine's Day: A reminder to seek debt relief?

While Valentine's Day might not be as widely celebrated or formal of a holiday as other holidays, one can't avoid the pressure of it entirely in New Jersey. With the cards, gifts, candy and romantic commercials everywhere, it is difficult for single men and women not to wonder why they are alone this holiday. 

TV series brings to mind white collar crime

Popular society probably never got so much information about white collar crime until the case against Bernie Madoff made national news. Day in and day out, the public was inundated with news of the now notorious Madoff and his Ponzi scheme for which he was convicted in 2009.

Areas of concern and relief within NJ traffic safety trends

In a recent post about fatal motor vehicle accidents, we shared that there is good and bad news regarding accident trends in New Jersey. The prior blog post focused mainly on the fact that there was an increase in the number of people who died in bicycle accidents last year. 

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