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Valentine's Day: A reminder to seek debt relief?

While Valentine's Day might not be as widely celebrated or formal of a holiday as other holidays, one can't avoid the pressure of it entirely in New Jersey. With the cards, gifts, candy and romantic commercials everywhere, it is difficult for single men and women not to wonder why they are alone this holiday. 

Reuters reports that there might be a financial reason behind singledom. If you are single, ask yourself this: could it be because of credit card debt? Studies suggest that possible suitors look beyond looks and personality when choosing a mate. They might actually avoid committing to people who are in debt.

It is no surprise that onlookers can apply a stigma to debt -- especially credit card debt. Those who don't understand someone's personal financial situation might callously assume a debtor is irresponsible or lazy. When someone finds out the person they are dating has accrued a significant amount of credit card debt, therefore, they might think they could find someone with better financial habits. 

Of course, those who work with consumers struggling with debt, such as bankruptcy lawyers, understand that there are often reasons out of one's control behind why someone is in a financial crisis. Perhaps someone lost a job. Maybe he had unexpected medical problems and bills that came up. Debt can be the result of life surprises, not necessarily the result of fiscal irresponsibility. 

If you are feeling consumed by credit card debt, it can be debilitating. You might wake up with bills on your mind or to creditor phone calls. And if this study about dating bears any truth, you might even worry that you are alone because of the stigma of debt. You might be eligible for debt relief opportunities. Talk with an attorney experienced in this area of law to discover what hope might exist for your situation. 

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