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March 2016 Archives

Medical malpractice encompasses different errors

When people visit doctors for medical care, they have the expectation that they will receive adequate care for their complaints or conditions. There are instances in which individuals don't get the care they should have. Those instances can often lead to patients suffering from injuries that are the result of the medical malpractice.

Is tax fraud and negliegence the same thing?

White collar crime allegations can seemingly come out of nowhere, but should always be taken seriously. Tax fraud is a good example because even a simple mistake made while filing taxes could be considered fraud in some cases. If you are wondering how such a thing could happen, you are not alone.

Overwhelming debts demand finding solutions

When it seems like your entire life is revolving around your need to pay off debts that may feel overwhelming, you are likely going to be ready to find a solution that allows you some room to breathe. Negotiating a debt workout is one way that you might be able to get the relief that you need. We know that you might be so desperate that you are ready to take whatever option is available, but you should make sure that you are using a legitimate option that actually addresses the issues at hand.

New Jersey's drug diversion program for those facing drug charges

The exact reasons residents of New Jersey turn to drugs are difficult to pinpoint. What we do know is that once the decision is made, many of the people who become involved with drugs end up breaking the law in some manner. Most of these legal infractions revolve around possession of illicit substances or intent to distribute. Addiction, whether physical or psychological can override common sense and send the addict spiraling into a life at least partly tinged with criminal elements.

Are you eligible for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

We've said in the past that Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not necessarily a negative thing, but that it can be a way to reset your financial situation so you can create a more positive future. Yes, you are probably in a negative situation if you are considering bankruptcy, but going through bankruptcy is an active and positive step to a different situation. That being said, not everyone can file Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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