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New Jersey's drug diversion program for those facing drug charges

The exact reasons residents of New Jersey turn to drugs are difficult to pinpoint. What we do know is that once the decision is made, many of the people who become involved with drugs end up breaking the law in some manner. Most of these legal infractions revolve around possession of illicit substances or intent to distribute. Addiction, whether physical or psychological can override common sense and send the addict spiraling into a life at least partly tinged with criminal elements.

The law seeks to solve the problems associated with drugs with fines and incarceration. While this is arguably better than no solution, it does little for the person facing drug charges and even less for the recidivism associated with drug use. In New Jersey,a better alternative exists.

It is called the Pretrial Intervention Program, or PTI, and has the potential to lessen recidivism while also helping the defendant choose a more productive life. All criminal defendants facing down indictable charges can apply for PTI provided they have no prior criminal record and have never participated in a diversionary program. Those facing drug charges are certainly eligible.

Defendants who participate in the PTI benefit from early rehabilitative services. While these services are intended to deter any future criminal behavior, they also help defendants get their lives back on track. The program works by supervising defendants for a period of three years. During this time, participants will undergo random drug testing and are expected to comply with recommended treatment programs. Best of all, participation in the program opens up a world of recovery resources and can prevent a drug conviction from appearing on the defendant's record.

Please explore our website for additional information. You can also discover other ways a criminal defense attorney can assist you if you have been charged with drug offenses.

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