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April 2016 Archives

Understanding the elements of the crime of shoplifting

If you have been charged with the crime of shoplifting, you should understand the elements of the crime. In simplest terms, shoplifting is the theft of merchandise from a place of business, such as a store. In legal terms, shoplifting is larceny. This means that something was taken without the permission of the item's owner and with the intent to keep the owner from having it. Those are also the two elements of the crime of shoplifting.

Did you steal someone else's creative work?

Copyright infringement is an extremely complex part of the law that can span both civil and criminal court systems. While students at all levels of the school system are taught that plagiarism is wrong -- and most adults probably realize you can't just use someone else's ideas without crediting them -- it's possible to infringe on someone's copyright without criminal intent.

US C-Sections exceed World Health Organization recommended rate

New Jersey's Hackensack University Medical Center is ranked number three in a list of 11 busy American hospitals with a high cesarean section rate. The World Health Organization says this is not good. It is understood that C-sections can save the lives of infants and mothers, but the WHO says the U.S. performs more the double the recommended rate.

Theft crimes are serious widespread problems

The Federal Bureau of Investigation keeps track of crime rates based on types of crimes committed through the Uniform Crime Reporting Program. One of the crimes that is tracked is larceny, or theft. The data from the program shows some interesting points about how these crimes affect the nation as a whole. For people who are facing charges for these crimes, defense is crucial. It is important to know that these statistics don't include information about arrests or convictions. They only provide information about crime reports.

Paraphernalia can lead to drug charges in New Jersey

Several American states have now legalized to some degree the possession of marijuana. While New Jersey is not one of these states, many residents believe that the more liberalized marijuana views nationwide mean they will not get into legal trouble over paraphernalia. You should understand that this is not the case. In New Jersey, you could face both federal and state drug charges over paraphernalia.

Lawsuit claims grandmother was scared to death

You've probably heard people say that they were "scared to death" and known that they were simply exaggerating their level of fright. However, a lawsuit recently filed in New Jersey claims that a cab driver literally did scare one grandmother to death. She was 68 years old at the time of her passing.

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