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May 2016 Archives

Can police take evidence that is left outside without a warrant?

Police typically need a warrant to search your home and confiscate any items, as you have an expectation to privacy in your own home and a search without a warrant is illegal. There are some rare exceptions to this, such as when the police think a third party is in danger.

John F. Kennedy Boulevard may need an updated design for safety

A recent fatality on John F. Kennedy Boulevard may highlight the need to rethink the design of this major roadway. A 43-year-old man getting into his car after leaving a doctor's appointment was struck and killed by a Ford F-350 pickup truck. The driver of the truck also struck a parked car after hitting the man, damaging two additional vehicles. The cause of the accident is still being investigated.

What can debt settlement do for you?

Debt settlement usually refers to the act of settling a debt you own with one lump sum payment that is less that the balance you actually owe at the time. Sometimes, you can arrange a settlement paid out in several large payments. Debt settlement can be a way to handle an outstanding balance while saving yourself some money, but it's also tricky and doesn't always work.

What actions constitute embezzlement in New jersey?

Most New Jersey residents have probably heard of the legal term embezzlement, but many do not really understand the crime very well. As such, when allegations of embezzlement are made, it can take those accused by surprise. In the simplest terms possible, embezzlement is just another way to say theft.

Drug trafficking and distribution charges demand attention

All drug charges are serious charges because they are associated with serious penalties. Generally, the penalties for drug possession are the least severe and penalties for drug trafficking are the most severe. The interesting thing to note about all drug charges is that these charges can all lead to social consequences, as well as criminal consequences. In order to attempt to minimize the penalties you face, you must take action right away when you are facing drug charges.

Driver trying to hurry kills running man and his dog

All people who drive motor vehicles, regardless of the driver's age, must be certain to obey all traffic laws and ensure that they are driving in a manner that keeps those around them safe. When a driver shirks on those duties, people can be killed or injured. A very sad case out of Robbinsville Township shows how devastating it can be when a driver strikes a pedestrian.

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