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June 2016 Archives

New guidelines place focus on executives not corporations

Certain employees on Wall Street have been able to avoid criminal charges for some incidents because the Justice Department has prosecuted companies instead of individuals. That trend is one that won't continue. The Justice Department is now setting its sights on prosecuting individuals instead of corporations.

Protect yourself from incorrect medical bills

Getting medical bills in the mail isn't something that anyone enjoys. When those bills are coming in during a time of financial stress, you might be ready to just give up on them. Knowing how to deal with medical bills so that you aren't paying more than you should is a good skill to have.

What is the definition of shoplifting?

Most people head out the store when they need something or want something. Sometimes, the person who needs something might not have the money to pay for the items he or she needs. Think about a parent who needs baby formula or diapers but can't afford those items. Those people might become so desperate to meet their needs that they take items from the store without paying. That is actually a criminal act known as shoplifting.

An attorney can protect your rights during an interrogation

A criminal investigation has many moving parts as we often see in various crime shows. Although crime and justice television series are far from realistic, some aspects are accurate. Whether the show is fiction or describes actual events, many times we see the investigators go through many different suspects before finding the right one. With every interrogation, a handful of innocent people are questions and oftentimes accused of the crime.

An incorrect medical diagnosis can lead to patient harm

Getting the correct diagnosis is the key when you are visiting a doctor for any medical concern. The correct diagnosis means that you can start an appropriate treatment plan. Even if the condition from which you suffer doesn't have any treatments, the correct diagnosis can help you to learn about your options for maintaining your comfort and living the best life possible. When you don't get a correct diagnosis, you can suffer from more harm. In some cases, you might even receive treatments that you didn't need.

Know what relief options are available to prevent foreclosure

The thought of losing your home to foreclosure is a very worrisome thought. If you are falling behind on your mortgage payments, it is likely time for you to explore the relief options that might help you to avoid having to go through the foreclosure process. You shouldn't delay taking action when you know that you are falling behind because inaction won't prevent foreclosure.

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