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An attorney can protect your rights during an interrogation

A criminal investigation has many moving parts as we often see in various crime shows. Although crime and justice television series are far from realistic, some aspects are accurate. Whether the show is fiction or describes actual events, many times we see the investigators go through many different suspects before finding the right one. With every interrogation, a handful of innocent people are questions and oftentimes accused of the crime.

This is the key reason that it’s important to have an attorney present if you are being questioned. You may be confident in your innocence, but those looking to make a conviction may see things in a much different way. Your honesty may be misconstrued as guilt or your lack of memory about certain events may be seen as an attempt to lie. We’ve even heard cases where authorities push so hard that an innocent individual actually admits to crimes he or she didn’t commit.

Throughout this oftentimes scary process, an attorney can be your ally. Their knowledge and experience with the criminal system in New Jersey can be invaluable as you navigate the criminal process. Attorneys who work with individuals who have been charged often understand the tactics authorities use to try to get information from an individual. They also understand that an innocent person’s words may be used against them or may be twisted against their favor.

In many cases, a person innocent of any crimes will freely and openly talk to authorities without any fear that they could be accused of a crime. Unfortunately, time and time again we have seen innocent people who ended up in jail for a crime they did not commit.

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