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Surgical errors can make your life a horror, fight back!

Knowing that you have to have surgery is something that is very frightening. Thinking about the things that can go wrong might be enough to drive you crazy. It is important for you understand that you are taking a risk when you go into surgery. We know that you might not really want to think about that, but there is a chance that you will suffer from a surgical error while you are under the knife.

Can you imagine the horror of waking up from a surgery and finding out that the surgery wasn't done on the correct body part? Or working to recover and never quite feeling better because of a retained sponge? Or finding out that you are having complications because too much or too little anesthesia was used? Those are the realities for some victims of surgeon errors.

The sad fact is that errors are made at an alarming rate in the operating room. Items left behind during a surgery occurs at a rate of around one in every 10,000 surgeries. Operations on the wrong site occur at a rate of around one in every 100,000 surgeries. Other "never events" are also possible during surgeries.

We know that you need to get back to your life. When a surgical error makes that difficult or impossible, you might decide to seek compensation for the injuries you suffered. Waging a medical malpractice battle isn't something that is easy, but we can help you to assert your rights and protect your interests as we fight for the compensation that you deserve.

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