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Things to do to stop bill collector harassment

Are you an individual struggling with debt? How about a business? Are you tired of creditors calling you day in and day out?

If you are unable to make payments and are looking to clear up your situation once and for all, you need to learn more about your legal rights.

There are many ways to stop bill collector harassment, with bankruptcy one of the main options for moving forward.

It doesn't matter what type of bankruptcy you file, an automatic stay will kick in to provide you with a variety of benefits. Most importantly, this suspends all collection activities. This includes:

  • Wage garnishment
  • Letters and phone calls
  • Contacting co-signers
  • Visits to your place of employment or home

With the automatic stay in place, lenders are also prohibited from seizing collateral, such as your vehicle. In the event that a lender violates the automatic stay, you may be able to take legal action.

At our law firm, we know what it takes to stop bill collector harassment. Although you may not realize it right now, a few key steps will go a long way in helping you put this trouble in the past.

At some point, you may realize that bill collector harassment has taken over your life. This is when you need to take immediate action. When you know your rights and how to move forward, you can implement a plan for not only stopping activity but also improving your overall financial situation. Things will only get better once you decide to take action.

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