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Pay off debt with creative solutions

When you're trying to pay off debt, it can be hard to imagine ever getting to a point where it is finally paid off. It is especially difficult if you are struggling from paycheck to paycheck. The good news is that there are plenty of options to pay off debt that you have .

While a bankruptcy or consolidation loan could be the answer for you, the first things that you should consider are alternative ways to make money and quickly pay down what you owe.

Here are three unique ways to pay off debt and avoid bankruptcy. They may be the answer you need to find relief from your debt.

1. Get cash back through online services

If you often shop online, use rebates. Imagine if you could spend $100 on groceries and get $20 or $30 back. It is possible with online websites and phone applications. Look into tools that help you get money back on online or in-store purchases. Then, when you get your money back, pay it onto your debt.

2. Use a money-rounding service

A money rounding service is a good tool to use if your money is tight (but not so tight that you'll miss a few extra pennies). The service rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar. The extra money is then sent into a savings account or the lender you wish to pay off.

3. Save your money in an investment account

Similar to number two, you can have your purchases rounded up and sent to an investment account. There, it will gain interest.

These are a few extra ways to bring money in to pay off your debts. They're worth a try, but if you're still stuck, bankruptcy and other options are there for you.

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